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To rebuild a engine means, everything internally is brand new, all the parts are machined to very close tolerances.  There are a lot of misconceptions and wrong information out there, and here at Olds Performance we make sure that we meet or exceed Oldsmobile direct information.


To repair an engine means that it will be taken apart, inspected thoroughly and what ever parts need machining or replaced will be done at the highest level of quality and excellence. 



Where do Olds Specialists come in you ask.. Well its having all the correct supplied parts, machined to Oldsmobile tolerances, with ONLY olds parts, to make our engines perform above the competition.


I took on Oldsmobile engines because I had one, and every time it came to looking for parts, I could never find any, and the advice I got from machinists was all wrong.  I have been interested in Oldsmobile's all my life, and decided to take on helping Oldsmobile owners have a go to place to have their Oldsmobile  engines done correctly.


When it comes to the Hi-Performance end of your rocket, no matter what your budget is, our engine combinations will produce power and longevity, with out breaking the bank!!   Even if you are the DIY guy, and all you need some advice, a torque spec, or just some reassurance your on the right track,  just  call or email us, we will guide you in the right direction!!

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