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Cylinder Heads

Our cast iron cylinder heads are completely stripped, magged, cleaned and rebuilt. The rebuilding process consists of new exhaust seats, which receive a 3-angle valve job, and new valves. Guides are replaced and proper clearance is attained for street / strip / marine.

After this is all done, the heads get cc'd and shaved, the exhaust and intake surfaces receive a lot of attention to make sure there is proper sealing.

These stock heads can be mildly modified, to all out ported performance, using stock valves to big stainless applications.

Bringing the performance up, we sell Pro Comp Aluminum Cylinder heads as well.Once we get them from the manufacture, they receive a full on check, then a proper build.  Guides are sized properly, proper seat concentricity is achieved, seat height, and spring pocket depth. The heads are then cc'd to our tolerance and the surfaces are prepped for your build. They are ready to accept 7/16 rocker studs, and can easily be made to fit SBO!!

These heads accept 2.075 / 1.68 valves, and can easily be set up to handle high lift roller cams!!

** Call us for pricing and availability.

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