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Surrey Christian High School

Founder: Adrian

This is a program that was started by one of the teachers at Surrey Christian High School, Adrian Vandenberg.  Adrian has had a passion for Cars, and now included giving the students a chance to be a part of the drag racing community.  Adrian contacted US 2 years ago, in search of parts for there 1980 Olds Cutlass 442, which they purchased from there local fundraising.  I met with Adrian, and soon began our journey to building this car.


The plan was simple, help the students build a drag racing car, teach them about cars, safety, drag racing, and build new friendships.  


Adrian and I spent a year designing and building this car with the students. We at Olds Performance Engines built them a 1970 350cui engine, to get them started.  Once we have the program flowing and working we will be working with Adrian to take things to the next level.   


After last season at the 1/4 mile track in Mission BC we started at achieving an et of 15.7sec at 80mph.  Once year later we are down to 13.7 at 99mph.  Well on their way to being super competitive.


BCSSMA has a rule where the high schools can not run faster than 12sec.

Here are the specs on the car:


  • 1980 Olds Cutlass 442

  • 350cui

  • 4.057 bore x 3.385 stroke

  • stock 9.75:1 compression

  • Cast aluminum pistons

  • Cast crank

  • W30 camshaft @.50 328/328  .475/.475 (part 402569)

  • HEI Distributor

  • # 6 heads 3 angle valve job 1.85/1.56 valves

  • Roller Rockers

  • Aluminum Duel Plane Intake manifold

  • Holley 800CFM Mech secondaries



  • TH350 stage I shift kit

  • 2500 Stall converter


Rear End

  • GM 8.5 10Bolt posi 3.73 gears 

  • 26inch slicks

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